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      Hello, dear old and new customers, our official website has been fully updated online, you are welcome to collect our website.

      Since its inception, the company has been paying close attention to the impact of global electronic components industry on domestic high-tech industry. The company has a purchasing team led by the purchasing director of IC spot and ordering channels at home and abroad for more than ten years. In the chaotic component market, it can help a large number of small and medium-sized terminal factory customers to provide original and authentic products accurately. Components and parts. Committed to the small and medium-sized terminal factory procurement department to solve the problem of purchasing defective goods and scattering refurbished components.

      Welcome to inquire!

      Tel: 0755-89834858

      E-mail: 62@itliuxue.com

      QQ: 1956626262

      Address: Guoli Building, Zhonghang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, 3D041

      Nearby Metro Stations: Huaxin, Huaqiang North, Huaqiang Road
      Nearby bus stops: Hangyuan Building, China Airlines Real Estate, Huafu Road (2) 4. Shanghai Hotel, Shanghai Hotel East, Huaqiang Road Metro Terminal

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