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        Common Problems电竞投注网站,hot88官方网站

        Q1: Why register 62 mall members?

        Only registered users can 62 mall home page for procurement, and enjoy a variety of preferential price packages and points gifts;

        Only registered users can log in to the "member center", use 62 mall to provide a wealth of membership functions, manage their own personal information;

        Only registered users can get our promotional gifts or cash coupons.

        Q2: How do I order goods at 62 mall

        You can first visit our website home page search to understand the required product model, see your satisfaction with the product can be added directly to the shopping cart, and then order to pay.

        Q3: Do I have all the required component models that can only be purchased on the site?

        Currently 62 mall can be found on the website of all the goods can be purchased directly, the basic can guarantee the day / the next day delivery; if the spot is sold out, we can help you order free of charge. Suppose you need the product we have no mall, we can even help Daigou.

        Q4: how to forget the password?

        When you forget your password, please log in to the registration page, click "Forgot Password", the system will automatically tell you your password by email, you can log in "Member Center" to change the password to ensure your interests.

        Q5: 62 mall can order an order?

        can. After the customer has placed an order on the 62 mall website, the customer can print the sales contract PDF file on the website. The contract is a contractual contract for both parties, with legal effect.

        Q6: 62 mall How do I track orders and shipments?

        After the customer submits the order online, 62 mall will promptly notify the customer of the status of the order by SMS. The next day the order is issued, the customer can view the real-time shipping status of the order in My Order. Customers can also be in the "My Order" in the domestic express ticket number, real-time control of the status of orders. If you have any questions about the order of the goods, you can contact the core city customer service hotline 86 755-89834858 or through online customer service inquiries.

        Q7: 62 mall How does the invoice be issued?

        62 mall can be for all orders (the amount accumulated over 3,000 yuan) to issue value-added tax invoices, all products according to national requirements for regular tax.

        Q8: 62 mall accept telephone inquiry?

        can. Customers can call customer service hotline # Hotline #, we will ask you for manual inquiries. However, due to online orders related to personal information, we recommend the customer specific orders in the online operation is completed.

        Q9: If the goods have encountered quality problems, how to return?

        62 mall only provide genuine original authentic transparent, 100% guarantee quality. If you have any questions about the quality of the received product, please call the customer hotline 86 755-89834858 at the first time. We will contact the supplier promptly and communicate with the supplier according to the quality of the supplier. For complaints and return requests related to product quality, please submit within 15 days of receipt of the goods.

        Q10: What is the specific procedure for order delivery?

        After receiving your payment, we will arrange your order; after the order is successful, your order status will be modified to "wait for delivery". 62 mall After receiving the goods, the first time for you to arrange shipping, your order status will be changed to "waiting for receipt." To ensure that the product is delivered to you in a timely and accurate manner, please fill in the details of the consignee information and contact information.

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